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Paddling Tips for when it is windy 🌬

✅ Let me start by saying: Always check the forecast before heading out on the water with your stand up paddle board.

⚠️ When in doubt, don’t go out ⚠️

💨 Don’t be afraid to paddle on your stomach or your knees when it is windy

In a previous blog post I went over how to find the right paddle and the basic paddling technique. Today we are going to talk about feathering your blade. 🪶

Have you ever paddled only to stop paddling and end up exactly where you started? OR Felt like you haven’t gone anywhere after a couple paddle strokes? (see above video ) Then there is a good chance your paddle blade is working against you and you’ll need to apply the feathering technique.

🪶 “Feathering”, it's the action of positioning your blade at an angle to reduce the wind resistance while paddling. Put simply, the blade is angled so that it is slicing through the air resulting in greater paddling efficiency. (See above video)

👊 How to feather? It’s all in the wrist. As soon as the blade comes out of the water, flick your wrist. It is kind of like turning on the sink faucet. Make sure to turn the wrist back before blade goes back into the water (see above video)

🥽 Practice: You can apply this to your current paddle stroke by practicing at the edge of a pool, jacuzzi, or dock (see above video)

Happy Paddling and hope this helps 💙


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