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Stand Up Paddle Tips

Choosing a paddle:

📏 Stand barefoot next to the paddle, raise your arm... does the handle meet your wrist? If the answer is yes! 🎉 Congrats you have found a paddle perfect for your height. Too short = back pain and Too tall = shoulder pain. (See above video)

Basic Paddle Form:

🪜 The “A frame” is formed by the body, top arm, bottom arm and paddle arm when setting up for the Catch. To make an A frame place the paddle on your head with one hand on the end of the paddle. You can use the shadow on the ground to check your form. Try to align your wrists, elbows, and shoulders to make two 90 degree angles. Once you have that, straighten your arms out on front. TA DA!! The paddle stroke for SUP is similar to the stroke you would find for an outrigger canoe. The common mistake is having the paddle backwards or bending at the elbows using the same form used for kayaking. (See above video)

Paddle Pool Practice:

🥽 A pool or jacuzzi can be a great resource. Using the edge of the pool or jacuzzi, find a wide mountain pose, micro bend in the knees, and apply what you learned above. Warning ⚠️: be careful if there are steps, you may need to modify how deep you put the blade of the paddle into the water depending on the depth. No stairs = no problem... submerge that blade! 💦 (See above video)

Hope this info helps you ... Happy paddling 🤙

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