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SUP Yoga Travel Necessities

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is a must

Boga Yoga Air

The best way to travel with a SUP is with an inflatable. I love my Boga Yoga Air. The duffle it comes in has wheels making it super easy to transport. There are no added costs when traveling on airlines with an inflatable SUP. In other words: no board bag hassle or hidden fees for oversized bags at the airport. The Boga Yoga Air comes with a fin that screws in, no Phillips head or Flat head required. The deck pad dries quickly making it easy to store after use. The board is designed with Yoga in mind = it is stable. My husband and I have also used this board as a shuttle to and from waves, snorkeling, and tandem surfing. I highly recommend this board.


Is an anchor that necessary? When practicing yoga on the water you are at the mercy of mother nature. Unless you want to paddle in between asanas, I suggest traveling with an anchor. The only time I have not wished I had an anchor was when I was paddling down a river. I have found the following anchor to be the easiest to travel with. I put in in with my SUP duffle. I fill it with sand at the beach and put it on my board. I sometimes use my paddle as a shovel, it makes this process go by faster. (although it is not recommended as it is not good for the paddle). When I return to the beach, I empty the sand and rinse at the shore. You can purchase it on Amazon. It comes with carabiner, rope, and buoy. It doesn’t drift, and is reliable. Just make sure not to fill with rocks or it will rip, and to drop anchor away from wildlife and/or coral. The only con to this anchor is that the materials are not environmentally friendly. Plastic is used in the design. I am in search of a better option, if you have any recommendations please feel free to email me. See my contact page.

Adjustable Paddle and Pump

I love my three piece Larid Carbon Fiber paddle. I have used it SUP surfing in Fiji and it is strong when it comes to flex. The carbon makes it light. Having an adjustable paddle makes it easy to travel with, I just put it in my BOGA duffle. When it comes to a pump, I choose my Laird pump. It is dependable. I have used a lot of other pumps and they just don’t have the lifespan of this little pump. They also just don’t pump as good as this thing does. The gauge is accurate, and the pump is easy to use. Storage is key when it comes to pump life. I do not really trust the automatic pump and have had friends who have been seriously injured from over inflating. I like a manual pump. A plus, a manual pump is a good work out, especially when traveling.


The sound of mother nature is very healing, but sometimes it is nice to create a playlist and practice yoga in Mother Nature’s studio or also in a pool. I bought these waterproof earbuds on Amazon, and they work very well. I can wear one to be aware of my surroundings or both if I am in a pool. The case is also the charger which is pretty cool.

Dry bag/ Fanny pack

A dry bag or fanny pack is great for storing a phone in case of emergency or taking pictures. I also added a whistle. This added sound helps to communicate with boat traffic or to use in case of emergency. If I am going for a long paddle, I take along a small snack. I can also use the fanny pack on land as a purse.


Some places require all Stand Up Paddle Board individuals to wear or to have a personal flotation device on their board. Traveling with a gigantic orange PFD takes up too much space. H2O Yoga Julie Roach was kind enough to give me one of these (see video below) years ago and I have used it ever since. It is compact and gets the job done incase of emergencies. In some places they require leash and PFD or Stand Up Paddlers will be issued a ticket. I keep a small coiled leash in my duffle just in case, works great for holding my paddle in place, while practicing SUP Yoga, and then I can wear around my ankle when paddling.

I hope this information is helpful on your next adventure. Wishing you all the best on your SUP Yoga Travels. #dream #explore #discover

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