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Six Hours in paradise

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

In December, my husband Noah and I were planning on spending time with family in Hawai'i over the holiday season. We procrastinated on buying our plane tickets, but figured we could catch a deal during Black Friday. We ended up buying two roundtrip tickets , one to Maui through Alaskan Airlines to spend time with Noah's family for Christmas, my birthday, and new years. The second ticket from Maui to Oahu on Hawaiian Airlines to celebrate our one year anniversary, and visit with more family. All went as planned until we realized we had a six hour layover in Maui before our flight back to San Diego. I must say, I have the best in laws a girl could ever ask for. Upon hearing that we had time to waste, Noah’s parents picked us up at the airport and took us to the nearest beach.

Normally this beach is a popular windsurfing spot, but luckily the winds were non existent that day. The sun was out and the waves looked like a lot of fun. The only board we had with us was my inflatable Boga Yoga Stand Up Paddle board. The conditions were too perfect not to go out, so we started taking turns inflating our SUP. I sat towards the nose and Noah paddled us out to the waves. We stuck to the right pocket, where there were little to no people. Sharing waves with one other long boarder who cheered us on when we were able to catch a wave tandem on our inflatable. Catching a wave on an inflatable is no easy task as it gives the feeling it is going to purl and is equivalent to trying to catch waves on an air mattress. To my surprise, we caught a lot of waves, with no wipe out. Each time we paddled back out to the waves taking turns with our new longboard buddy, we saw incredible marine life, from the biggest school of fish I had ever seen, to two Manta Rays, and a gigantic Sea Turtle that Noah nicknamed sea biscuit (see video below). After an hour and half of smiling from ear to ear, we caught a long wave, and I gave Noah a break from paddling.. I paddled us back to shore this time as Noah sat at the nose of the board this time (pictured above).

We rinsed the board, detached our three piece adjustable LairdStandUp Carbon Fiber paddle and put everything back in our Boga duffle. Noah’s parents took us to lunch at this incredible Japanese/Korean Restaurant. We stopped by Whole Foods for some snacks on the plane. Noah’s parents dropped us back off at the airport with two hours to spare for check in and security. We were stoked on our spontaneous adventure. Its true what they say somethings in life are best unplanned and lived in the moment. #SUP #travel #layover #bogayoga #lairdstandup #maui #seea

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